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Weight Watchers, which has been a top weight loss and lifestyle coach for millions of people around the world for over 50 years has a unique product known as Weight Watchers Monthly Pass (available in participating areas only).

By purchasing a Monthly Pass, members enjoy `Free Registration’ and unlimited access to Weight Watchers meetings in any single month. Additionally, you’ll have full access to eTools by Weight Watchers for absolutely no additional price.

You’ll be able to attend Weight Watchers meetings every week. You will learn how to follow the program from a trained leader, and get tips, tricks, support and inspiration from others..

You’ll also get eTools – which are Weight Watchers digital tools The eTools kit covers a number of useful tool to help track what you eat, your activity and calculate PointsPlus. You can use eTools on a mobile device so you’ll have full information on hand at all times. Click here to learn more.

This is a very effective weight loss program for you to consider. Get 8x more success. With meetings and eTools, you can lose 8x more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own. ǂJohnston CA et al. A randomized controlled trial of a community-based behavioral counseling program. The American Journal of Medicine 2013 (Article in Press), Oct. 2013. Weight loss data obtained at 6 months. Trial funded by Weight Watchers

Buying a Monthly Pass is simple:

1) Visit ( .
2) Enter your ZIP code to confirm the Monthly Pass is available in your area.
3) Sign up and pay with any secure payment method.

weight watchers monthly pass 2014Using the Monthly Pass is just as simple. You just have to flash your pass at a participating meeting location and attend the meeting free of cost. These passes are accepted at almost all of the locations in US. The eTools you get will help you stay motivated and stick to your weight loss plan between meetings, with its many features, including PointsPlus calculation and Recipe Builder.

Your membership card will be mailed to you and you’ll be automatically charged for your next month’s pass when you are a member and you choose to stick with the plan. You can also cancel at any time before your next month for a full refund of that month’s payment.

The Monthly Pass from Weight Watchers is easy to enjoy as it will provide you with plenty of convenience and online tools that will help you to lose weight. The flexibility of this weight loss plan and the accessibility of Weight Watchers meetings will especially work wonders for your goals. Be sure to consider this plan when looking for a sensible weight loss solution that will fit in with your life.


Weight Watchers Promotion Codes to Save $29.95 in October 2014!
Weight Watchers is the established weight loss service provider whom you can trust for weight loss success. This company has been around for almost 50 years and has some of the strongest market reputation along with a high customer satisfaction rate. Weight Watchers ropes in the best weight loss experts, physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and exercise instructors who work in a synchronized fashion to enhance the effectiveness of their program.

Weight Watchers Promotion Codes and Coupons

1) Save $29.95 on Weight Watchers Online when you buy a 3-month savings plan. Click for details. Dates: Now – 10/25/14

weight watchers promotion code

2) Weight Watchers Monthly Pass: Save 30% on your first month (in participating areas). Unlimited meetings & free eTools. Get the Details! Dates: Now – 10/25/14


2014 News >> “Simple Start”

Weight Watchers 2014 plan – Simple Start is a 2-week long “jump start” to your weight loss journey.

Weight Watchers Review

The program has been designed in such a scientific manner that people of all ages have been successful in losing weight in a healthy period of time. People who suffer from ailments like high cholesterol level, diabetes and thyroid problems may also experience improved health by relying on the exemplary program of Weight Watchers. The food you eat on Weight Watchers will never be restricted or altered all of a sudden. You learn to systematically include healthy food options in your diet which leads to a calculated weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. The program allows you to eat all the food items that have been your choice before you started your weight loss strategy.

This helps in relaxing your mind as you aren’t forced to make sudden changes in your lifestyle. The Points plus values of the foods are calculated by a specially designed and patented mathematical formula. The amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fat that is present in your food item help in determining the points plus value. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to calculate the points plus values. The process is very easy. You just have to enter the food item and amount of food item in your points plus calculator to know the exact value.

Easily Fit Weight Watchers Into Your Schedule
Weight Watchers has planned out two strategies for your weight loss journey from which you could choose any one that would fit easily in your lifestyle. The first method relates to “person to person interaction program” which is materialized in the form of acclaimed “Weight Watchers Meetings”. You could enroll in the Weight Watchers meetings easily which take place in almost all the major cities of US. The Weight Watchers meetings are the perfect solution for those overweight people who believe that constant motivation and group interaction is the key to effective weight loss.

Everybody has busy schedules and jobs but don’t you take out time for hanging out with your friends? So even if you have to make slight changes in your schedules, you must try your best to enroll for the Weight Watchers meetings because they are a “wonder package” which could possibly help you in achieving weight loss quicker than any other method. But if you have a strict time bound life where you seriously can’t fit meetings in your schedule even once every two weeks, then you can opt for a plan by Weight Watchers which is “Weight Watchers Online“. You could utilize this product to your best advantage at your home without having to step out.

Meetings are the Stepping Stone in Your Journey
weight watchers coupon save over 50So many successful stories from real people who lost weight on Weight Watchers further strengthens your belief in the effective weight loss program. The Weight Watchers meetings are exactly your stepping stones for reaching that wonderful phase of your life when you would be your own inspiration when you will stand in front of the mirror each day. Weight Watchers meetings are the true companions in your lifestyle who help you in achieving a fabulous body.

The dramatic transition that takes place in life when you lose weight can’t be underestimated. You start to feel younger, vibrant, energetic and full of life when you start attending these Weight Watchers meetings. You will experience that you are losing your excess weight quickly in the fitness oriented atmosphere that these meetings provide. When you will lose weight by attending these meetings, you will realize the importance of being fit which not only brings back your confidence but also improves the way you manage all your relationships.

Make Your Weight Loss Eight Times More Effective with Meetings
A recent study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that with Weight Watchers Meetings and eTools, people lost 8X more the weight than those who tried to lose weight on their own.† The meetings take place every week and you could plan your meetings accordingly by choosing the number of times you would like to attend your meetings.

It was also scientifically concluded that the people who followed Weight Watchers plan with discipline were also able to maintain their newly found weight loss on their own. The Weight Watchers meetings efficacy has been found to be equally good for young people as well as seniors. The Weight Watchers meetings help you lose more amount of weight in a week because when you attend these meetings, you feel motivated and inspired to work harder and eat healthy for the coming week. The inspiring atmosphere provided in the Weight Watchers meetings helps you to stick to your weight loss plan with discipline.

WW Meetings Leaders
The Weight Watchers meetings provide you a platform for interacting with other people like you who are struggling with weight issues. The importance of achieving weight loss and the impact that the weight loss would make in your life becomes even clearer in your mind once again after attending each meeting because of the able guidance of the leader of the meeting. You could talk to other people and know their experiences, their problems and how they have been able to overcome them.

You could even form a circle of friends with like minded people in these Weight Watchers meetings. The leader of the Weight Watchers meetings shares experiences of their own successful weight loss journey and provides you valuable tips to incorporate into your lifestyle for speedy results. You are also provided with many informative booklets and recipes in the Weight Watchers meetings by the leader. The weight in process in these meetings provides you something to look forward to each week by forming weekly weight loss goals.

Monthly Pass – A Smarter Way to Attend Meetings
ww_monthlypassWeight Watchers has come up with the concept of Monthly Pass so that it becomes easier for you to stick to your weight loss plan. The Monthly Pass is a product that provides tremendous cost saving benefits along with comfort in attending the Weight Watchers Meetings. The Monthly Pass holders are provided with numerous advantages and it is highly recommended that you attend your Weight Watchers meetings with the help of Monthly Passes only. Monthly Passes relax you from the burden of paying for each and every Weight Watchers Meeting that you attend each month. With Monthly Passes, you could attend as many meetings as you would like to in a particular month without having to pay any additional charges.

You can take your Monthly Pass card to any of the suitable and available location of Weight Watchers meeting. You can show the card at the venue to the receptionist and get entry in an extremely hassle free manner. Attending meetings with Monthly Pass provides you leverage over other meetings members. You can enter the meetings in a stylish manner and you are provided with so many additional benefits too. The eTools for which the Weight Watchers meetings members have to subscribe separately, they are provided to the Monthly Pass holders free of cost. The mobile apps and eTools included in the package of Monthly Pass make it so easier for you to avail all the facilities and weight loss tools with just one single card!

How to Become a Monthly Pass Holder
Signing up for the Monthly Pass is an extremely easy process and it saves you from the hassle of signing up for Weight Watchers meetings separately. Even if you are a subscriber of some other Weight Watchers products like meetings membership or online program, then also you could shift to the Monthly Pass subscription at any time conveniently. The benefits of attending meetings with Monthly Pass are so many that you must avail for the cost effective Monthly Pass. You can sign up for Monthly Pass online on the webpage of Weight Watchers- After filling out necessary details about yourself you could simply pay for the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. The price of the Monthly Pass subscription will depend on the location of the meeting but you can be assured that you will have to pay very less amount in totality for meetings and eTools. If you are already a meetings member then you could pay for the first month of Monthly Pass at the Weight Watchers meeting.

After making the payment, the Weight Watchers will send your Monthly Pass card through mailing. If you are online subscriber and want to shift to the Monthly Pass then you can do so by logging into your online account and clicking on the option provided there. The payment for Monthly Pass is deducted through your credit card each month. You can cancel the subscription for the next month but you should remember to do so 15 days prior to the end of the month.

eTools – Innovation by Weight Watchers
The eTools are a great innovation by Weight Watchers to help its dieters to keep complete track of their weight loss while assisting them in controlling their lifestyle. These eTools are available free of cost to the Monthly Pass holders. The members of the Weight Watchers meetings can enroll for the eTools subscription. Many scientific trials and practical results have clearly proved that eTools are so effective when combined with Weight Matchers meetings that you end up losing more weight than non subscribers. The reason for this is that these eTools “provide the link” between two Weight Watchers meetings and have so many features which make your weight loss process very interesting.

You can keep a check on your amount of weight loss each week with the help of its weight tracker. Interesting recipe building features are included in the eTools. You could change the ingredients of existing recipes and check the new points plus values of the modified recipe. You can prepare thousands of delicious dishes whose points plus values would lie in your daily limits. You get exercise videos in the eTools which motivate you a lot to include physical activity in your routine to lose weight faster. The eTools are separately available in customized versions for men and women with appropriate changes included in diet plans, exercise routines and tips etc.

Mobile apps are also included in the eTools which are your “pocket weight loss companion” which you can use anytime and at any location comfortably by downloading the mobile apps on your smart phones. These mobile apps are available in downloadable versions for various operating systems. Amazing features like barcode scanners, weight and meal trackers, points plus calculators, cheat sheets and inbuilt meal options with their points plus values have been included in the mobile apps.

How You Can Become the Proud Owner of Fantastic eTools
Subscribing for eTools is very easy. You need an access code to log in to these wonderful online eTools. The access code is provided to you in the booklet that you receive in the Weight Watchers meeting if you have subscribed for them. But if you have a Monthly Pass then without separately subscribing to eTools you will receive your access code. You could use this code at this link- to easily login to your online eTools.

Millions of people have benefited from the Weight Watchers Meetings and Monthly Pass which is a wonderful package to avail numerous benefits of meetings as well as eTools through a single package.

Weight Watchers Promotion Codes – 4.9 out of 5 based on 537 votes.
†Johnston CA et al. A randomized controlled trial of a community-based behavioral counseling program. The American Journal of Medicine. Article in Press, October 2013. Weight loss data obtained at 6 months. Trial funded by Weight Watchers. is a compensated affiliate of the Weight Watchers Program.

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BistroMD Coupons for $50 off with Free Shipping in September 2014!  BistroMD is a very popular diet that has grown a lot throughout the years. The diet involves providing you with the healthy foods that you can eat throughout the day for losing weight. Too often, people are working out, but they aren’t intaking the healthy food that they should be eating. However, with BistroMD, they provide you with doctor approved meals that you can eat throughout everyday enabling you to lose more weight and getting healthier. Now you won’t need to make the mistake of eating unhealthy food on a daily basis.

BistroMD Coupons for 2014!

Get $50 Off your First Order!, Code automatically Applied at Checkout -CLICK HERE to Activate!

Get 20% off your first week of the 7 day program!, Code automatically Applied at Checkout -CLICK HERE to Activate!

Get Free Shipping at, a $24.95 Value, Code automatically Applied at Checkout -CLICK HERE to Activate!

bistroMD coupons

What exactly is BistroMD?

The entire Bistro is basically where you can order food for a good price and have that food delivered to you. The catch is the fact that all of their meals are created with good ingredients meant to help you lose weight. They offer a great number of foods and meals that you can choose within minutes after signing up, and you can be sure to find foods that you will enjoy. To help you save some money, you can take advantage of a  BistroMD coupon to deduct most of the costs.

Current BistroMD Program Costs

Men’s 7 Day – $159.95
Men’s 5 Day – $129.95

Women’s 7 Day – $159.95
Women’s 5 Day – $129.95

How does it all work?

The first step involves choosing the right plan. All of their plans are offered on a complete weekly basis, so you pay for everything in that week. For example, their plans all start at $129.95 for a full week. Each of their plans are only different based on how many meals and snacks are provided, not so much the food that they provide.

The next step is to order your meals by phone or online. The easiness of finding the right set of meals can never get any easier. During this process of choosing your meals, you can customize your entire set of meals. You can even remove something from the menu if you have certain preferences and meals to choose from. The cool part is that the menus given to you are constantly rotated, so you will always get the chance to eat different foods.

The next step is to simply wait for all of that food to come delivered straight to your door. By the time the food comes, it is now time to enjoy all of them on a daily basis. You just need to make sure that you reheat them on the day that you are supposed to eat them, as all of the foods come in fresh on the day they arrive.

BistroMD Commercials
Cindy Gets Her Life Back With The Help of BistroMD

BistroMD Helps Worlds Heaviest Woman on Dr. Phil Show

What kind of food do they offer?

They offer everything that you could ever want. Almost all of the foods that they offer are great for the body and can get you looking your best. Some of the foods that you will find enjoyable are the Broccoli and Beef dinner, barbeque pork, chicken with roasted apples, Jerk Tilapia, and plenty of others. If you want a nice snack, you may enjoy their Crisp and Crunch graham protein bar, mini blueberry cheesecake, Kiwi strawberry twist shake, and all kinds of them. There is no doubt that their foods taste amazing.

The benefits of the BistroMD diet

The main benefit is the fact that you don’t really need to do anything in order to see yourself succeed. Just eat the foods and go about your day. Of course, you will still need to workout in order to see maximum results, but at least you won’t need to go through a checklist of foods to eat that aren’t even healthy to intake. Now you can be sure that what you are eating is only going to benefit your body and make you look better.

The BistroMD is definitely worth the investment. The truth is that there are many people who are still hesitant, but it can really help you out. The results that you can see could be quite life changing for most of you. Whether it’s ten or one hundred pounds you would like to lose, it can all be pushed out of your body when you eat the right foods from this diet. The diet does require an investment, so don’t forget to use the Bistro MD coupon when ordering their meals. If you want to lose weight, this could be just the perfect diet to get into.

BistroMD Coupon – 4.5 out of 5 based on 225 votes.

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Diet to Go Coupons can save you 25% in September 2014! The lose-weight market is flooded with millions of diet programs. Some advice a high protein diet, some recommend only-fruits or only-juices diet, and there are the paleo diets; these are just some of them. With the scourge of obesity looming large and the health problems that it can lead to, people are looking for ways and means to control their weight within healthy limits.

Diet to Go Coupons

1) Get 25% off your order at! ($75 Minimum purchase) – <<Click “Apply Code”  apply code diet to go at Checkout to Activate Savings!>>


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4) Get $50 Off any 7 Day Meal Plan. Diet-to-Go – Eat Healthy, Live Well at!- <<Click “Apply Code” apply code diet to go at Checkout to Activate Savings!>>


Diet to Go Review

With myriad choices in front of you it is a challenging task to choose a program that does all these three:

- Provide you with a healthy and nutritionally complete option for every meal;
– Allow you to pick up freshly prepared food (you don’t have to cook those difficult meals every time); and
– Deliver freshly prepared meals to you at your location.

This is the Diet to Go meal plan for you. Diet to Go is a meal delivery company that has attractive meal plans for every individual who wants to eat nutritionally balanced food every time. If you want to just lose weight or want to eat healthy always or want both, it is a good idea to check out Diet to Go. The meal delivery program comes with many attractive options and features.

Diet to Go Testimonials

The Meal Plans

Diet to GoThey offer three major meal plans: Low Fat Traditional, Low Fat Vegetarian, and Low Carb. The major advantage here is that Diet to Go does everything from the shopping for fresh healthy ingredients, preparing the meal according to the plan chosen and having it delivered. They provide even the fruits and the condiments. There is no need to shop. You have to just order and eat. The food production is inspected at every level for quality by government agencies. The food is customized to a great extent. The prepared food is low in sodium. You can opt for the 1200- or the 1600-calorie plan. Guidelines of the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association are carefully followed in the selection of the individual menus and the preparation of the meals. The prepared food has no added artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Pick Up Your Meals

You can pick fresh and tasty meals prepared by chefs directly if you happen to live in Washington DC Metro area, Baltimore area, Greater Philadelphia or the San Francisco Bay area through the Local Pickup service facility. The food picked up thus is never frozen. You can do an online search and find out the nearest pickup point using your zip code.

They Deliver It Anywhere

If you cannot locate a pickup point with your zip code, you can try their National Home Delivery Service. If you live somewhere in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii included), you can eat a healthy Diet to Go meal. The prepared meal is flash dried and shipped via FedEx immediately to reach your address. There is no compromise on the quality, freshness, or nutritive value. Their meal preparation kitchens are located in San Francisco and Northern Virginia from where they are shipped soon after preparation. The food is packed in dry ice in polystyrene containers. Each meal is packed separately. Food packages are clearly labelled with heating instructions and there is no room for guess.

All their meal plans offer a 5-week menu and every meal sticks to strict calorie and nutritional requirements. The portions are controlled and allow you to track the calories consumed in every meal. Diabetics can further control blood sugar levels to a great extent by regulated carbohydrate content in the meals.

You can create an online meal plan suited to your calorie requirements, your dislikes and allergies, the number of days of the week on which you intend to use the service, the meals of the day that you require, breakfast, lunch, or dinner; Diet to Go also allows you to replace any meal with a substitution. The weekly orders of Diet to Go are maintained as recurring orders until a customer requests a change in service or stop in service. Stopping, changing or restarting the service can be easily done online or through the telephone. You can usually save up to 25% of your purchase by using a Diet to Go Coupon found on the internet.

Diet to Go offers a dietary analysis to study your eating habits and weight-loss goals. It then works out a meal plan that suits your requirements. The meals are competitively priced and Diet to Go is a sure easy way to get calorie controlled food at your doorstep if you not too motivated to cook. Again, promotion offers such as Diet to Go Coupons are a great way to save money while losing weight!

Diet to Go Coupons – 4.7 out of 5 based on 175 votes.

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Medifast Coupon Codes can save you $66 or provide Free Shipping in June 2013! Having a wonderfully sculpted body is something that most people dream of but they just do not know how to get there. There are a lot of people who have tried out everything from going on a diet to going to the gym religiously and they have not seen the difference or the results of their efforts. There are a lot of people who give everything that they have to their workouts and diets only to fail. These people are the exact same people who are skeptical about products in the market that claim that it can help a person get the body that he or she wants. Another reason for the skepticism is the fact that there are some brands or products that do not work at all.

One brand that actually produces a plan that really works is Medifast. Medifast is a company that makes food plans for people so that they can eat the right types of food to help them get the body that they want. Medifast has been in the business for years and they have been able to accumulate enough experience to be able to help anyone who is in need. People from different parts of the world with varying ages and sizes have tried out Medifast coupons and it has worked for them.

Medifast is one of the few proven brands that help people get the body that they have been dreaming of. With their reputation to help out people it is not surprise that a lot of people want to try out their products. The Medifast coupon codes is something that can help a person who wants to try out what Medifast has to offer save money. Getting thin is not that easy and you will have to spend some money but what you want is that you know that what you are spending on is worth it.

Medifast Coupon Codes – 4.7 out of 5 based on 157 votes.

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