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Diet to Go Coupons and Review for September 2014

Posted on: March 31, 2012

Diet to Go Coupons can save you 25% in September 2014! The lose-weight market is flooded with millions of diet programs. Some advice a high protein diet, some recommend only-fruits or only-juices diet, and there are the paleo diets; these are just some of them. With the scourge of obesity looming large and the health problems that it can lead to, people are looking for ways and means to control their weight within healthy limits.

Diet to Go Coupons

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Diet to Go Review

With myriad choices in front of you it is a challenging task to choose a program that does all these three:

- Provide you with a healthy and nutritionally complete option for every meal;
– Allow you to pick up freshly prepared food (you don’t have to cook those difficult meals every time); and
– Deliver freshly prepared meals to you at your location.

This is the Diet to Go meal plan for you. Diet to Go is a meal delivery company that has attractive meal plans for every individual who wants to eat nutritionally balanced food every time. If you want to just lose weight or want to eat healthy always or want both, it is a good idea to check out Diet to Go. The meal delivery program comes with many attractive options and features.

Diet to Go Testimonials

The Meal Plans

Diet to GoThey offer three major meal plans: Low Fat Traditional, Low Fat Vegetarian, and Low Carb. The major advantage here is that Diet to Go does everything from the shopping for fresh healthy ingredients, preparing the meal according to the plan chosen and having it delivered. They provide even the fruits and the condiments. There is no need to shop. You have to just order and eat. The food production is inspected at every level for quality by government agencies. The food is customized to a great extent. The prepared food is low in sodium. You can opt for the 1200- or the 1600-calorie plan. Guidelines of the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association are carefully followed in the selection of the individual menus and the preparation of the meals. The prepared food has no added artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Pick Up Your Meals

You can pick fresh and tasty meals prepared by chefs directly if you happen to live in Washington DC Metro area, Baltimore area, Greater Philadelphia or the San Francisco Bay area through the Local Pickup service facility. The food picked up thus is never frozen. You can do an online search and find out the nearest pickup point using your zip code.

They Deliver It Anywhere

If you cannot locate a pickup point with your zip code, you can try their National Home Delivery Service. If you live somewhere in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii included), you can eat a healthy Diet to Go meal. The prepared meal is flash dried and shipped via FedEx immediately to reach your address. There is no compromise on the quality, freshness, or nutritive value. Their meal preparation kitchens are located in San Francisco and Northern Virginia from where they are shipped soon after preparation. The food is packed in dry ice in polystyrene containers. Each meal is packed separately. Food packages are clearly labelled with heating instructions and there is no room for guess.

All their meal plans offer a 5-week menu and every meal sticks to strict calorie and nutritional requirements. The portions are controlled and allow you to track the calories consumed in every meal. Diabetics can further control blood sugar levels to a great extent by regulated carbohydrate content in the meals.

You can create an online meal plan suited to your calorie requirements, your dislikes and allergies, the number of days of the week on which you intend to use the service, the meals of the day that you require, breakfast, lunch, or dinner; Diet to Go also allows you to replace any meal with a substitution. The weekly orders of Diet to Go are maintained as recurring orders until a customer requests a change in service or stop in service. Stopping, changing or restarting the service can be easily done online or through the telephone. You can usually save up to 25% of your purchase by using a Diet to Go Coupon found on the internet.

Diet to Go offers a dietary analysis to study your eating habits and weight-loss goals. It then works out a meal plan that suits your requirements. The meals are competitively priced and Diet to Go is a sure easy way to get calorie controlled food at your doorstep if you not too motivated to cook. Again, promotion offers such as Diet to Go Coupons are a great way to save money while losing weight!

Diet to Go Coupons – 4.7 out of 5 based on 175 votes.

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