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Nutrisystem Discount Codes and Review for July 2014

Below you can get a Nutrisystem Discount Code for up to 35% off & a Free Fast 5 Kit in July 2014. Read our review on the Fast Five Kit and Nutrisystem My Way – new for 2014!

Have you been looking for a weight loss program that might be the key to helping you get on a good diet and actually stay on it? The Nutrisystem program may be the key to weight loss that you’ve been looking for.

The Nutrisystem program entails a number of foods that are devoted to helping you lose weight. You just place an order and you’ll receive a full series of meals that you can heat up and prepare in your own home. These foods are all designed to help you lose weight even when other methods for trying to lose that weight haven’t worked so well.

Nutrisystem Discount Codes

nutrisystem discount code 2014
Nutrisystem Costs with Up to 35% Off!

Men’s Basic – 25% off $357.48 now $269.99
Men’s Core – 33% off $462.45 now $309.99
Men’s Select – 34% off $548.02 now $359.99

Women’s Basic – 25% off $319.98 now $239.99
Women’s Core – 34% off $424.95 now $279.99
Women’s Select – 35% off $510.52 now $329.99

nutrisystem discount codes 2014

*Nutrisystem Discounts are automatically applied with the 28-day auto-delivery plan.  On the Nutrisystem plan, you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

Nutrisystem Review

The Glycemic Index is the Key

The reason for Nutrisystem being as effective for your weight loss goals as it is comes from how it uses the Glycemic Index in order to facilitate weight loss. This is an index of the way how food impact’s the body’s glucose levels.

A food that has a good rating on the GI chart will feature carbohydrates that burn off slowly. This makes it so you’ll be more likely to be filled after eating, thus keeping overeating from being a threat. In addition, your blood glucose level will become normal after a period of time, thus facilitating the improvement of your overall metabolic rate. This is the key to getting your body to lose weight.

Healthy Food Options From Which to Choose

The process of going into this program is easy to see. First, you can choose a program to enter into. You can choose a 28-day Basic program that allows you to eat a series of foods that Nutrisystem has selection or you can go with a Core program to let you select the foods you want. You can choose from all sorts of breakfasts, lunches and dinners while on the program. There are also individual programs for men, women, diabetics and those who prefer vegetarian diets.

The foods are designed in packages that you can easily prepare. You just have to follow the appropriate instructions based on what the box for a particular food says.

The foods on the Nutrisystem program are designed with less than half the sodium and half the added sugar that you would get in typical foods. They don’t have any appetite suppressants in them either. It’s particularly easy to choose the right foods based on what you deserve to have.

You will also get support through a full Grocery Guide. This helps you to find the right groceries to use to help add to the healthy dining options that you’ll use when on the Nutrisystem program. This makes it easier for you to manage your weight loss goals all day long.

The Fast 5 Kit – New for 2014

nutrisystem fast 5One huge part of what makes this program so effective is that it gives the participant a better time with starting up. The Nutrisystem program allows all participants to get started with the Fast 5 Kit. This is a setup that uses a week’s worth of meals that are designed to get people started on the right path to losing weight with Nutrisystem.

This is a feature that is offered for free in most Nutrisystem monthly plans. The name for this comes from how anyone who successfully uses it can lose up to five pounds during the first week if all the plans are met.

This is done to do more than just give people a head start. It also improves anyone’s ability to lose weight and to keep all that weight off.

The things that come with the Fast 5 Kit include EnergiZING shakes that feature B vitamins and calcium to improve your metabolic processes and to keep you healthy. You’ll also get Craving Crusher shakes that feature protein and fiber. These are made to work well between meals and will keep you from losing track of your weight loss needs.

Nutrisystem Ambassador Marie Osmond Introduces Nutrisystem®

“My Way” Lets You Take Control

The My Way aspect of the Nutrisystem program is designed to give the participant more control over the diet experience. You will be able to select the foods that you desire. This allows you to find the options that are right for your needs. It is essential as no two dietary needs are ever truly alike when it comes to keeping yourself healthy and in control.

This comes from a measurement of your metabolic rate to figure out which foods are right for your individual weight loss needs. You’ll then be able to figure out on your own which of these foods you might prefer when finding a way to lose weight. This works well but it’s best to make sure you check in on occasion to see if there are any changes to your metabolic rate as you work with this program. There’s a potential that you could experience some favorable changes in that rate if you keep on going with it.

Current Discounts to Utilize

Nutrisystem has many discounts for people who are looking to lose weight right now. Nutrisystem sells its packages in 28-day plans that feature auto-delivery to get your order out to your door. If you order food from Nutrisystem’s website then you will get a discount of at least 25% off of the retail value of the 28-day packages that they have to offer.

For instance, if you were to buy a Basic 28-day plan you’d spend just $269.99 if you buy it online. That’s a discount over the original value of $357.48. Meanwhile, the Core plan that allows you to select your own foods will go for $309.99, a discount from $462.45. It will cost $359.99 to go with the Select program where you get additional options including a variety of dessert choices.

All of these options come with the Fast 5 Kit for free. This allows you to get a week’s worth of meals when you start out to help you get on the right path to losing the weight that you’ve always wanted to get off.

If there is one part of the Nutrisystem diet worth saying it is that it is made to work well for just about every need that you might have as you try to lose weight. This is a program that will give you an effective series of nutrients and compounds to keep your body active and more likely to stay healthy.

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